LausersLab is a small private Filmlab located between the Austrian alps in the heart of Innsbruck.
Yet specialised on processing still images, both color (C-41) and B&W, no matter if 35mm, 120 medium format film or 127 Film. 
Accompanied by some smooth and calm jazz music, I am running my developments with a Jobo CPE-3 and a Cinestill Temperature Control System for accurate temperatures with Tetenal C-41 and either Adox Adonal or Adox FX-39 Type II B&W chemistry to bring my images to visible life. 
If you are more interested in my workflow or got any other questions, feel free to holler at me.

While I am not only doing developing and scanning work, I also use this website to collect and show the digital still and also moving imagery projects I was working on with friends and also my employer and supporter The Distillery. 

Thanks for visiting.
 Lukas aka. Lauser


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