LausersLab is a small private Filmlab located between the Austrian alps in the heart of Innsbruck.
Yet specialised on processing still images, both color (C-41) and B&W, no matter if 35mm, 120 medium format film or 127 Film. 
He is running his developments with a Jobo CPE-3 and a Cinestill Temperature Control System for accurate temperatures with Tetenal C-41 and a variety of different Black and White developers to bring his images to visible life. 
Although it seems like it, Lauserslab is not a professional business nor a public service. It is a profession next to a full time job and there is no capacity to do developments on a daily basis. If you are in no rush and need a film developed, send a mail or hit up lauserslab on Instagram. 
If you are more interested in the workflow or got any other questions, feel free to holler at him.

While Lukas is not only doing developing and scanning work, he also uses this website to collect and show the digital still and also moving imagery projects he was working on with friends and also his employer and supporter The Distillery. 

Thanks for visiting.
 Lukas aka. Lauser


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