DoP Work

Beyond Photography work, I am also dedicated to moving imagery, mostly in action sports but also open for any kind of other and new Lands.

Terrex Athlete Stories with Petra Vlohva Client: Adidas Terrex Production: The Distillery Directed by Sophie Acowrth & Lukas Hauser DoP: Lukas Hauser 1AC: Lukas König On Mountain B Camera: Moritz Keller Editing & Motion Design: Lukas Hauser Sounddesign: Lukas König Photography: Theo Acworth Producer Alexander Acs
Shot by Lukas König, Jonas Schnürch, Lukas Hauser, Moritz Keller, Ralph Hogenbirk, Vince Irie, Imanuel Thallinger, Jannis Oing, Dave Dianni, Fabio Sturm, Borja Azurmendi, Toby Wilson, Simon Abele
Post Production by Davide Spina, Lukas König & Lukas Hauser
Shot on RED GEMINI + Zeiss Contax CineMod
‚naro‘ is a piano composition of Linus Albergs newest Album that is not yet released. There will be a series of 3 Films where we want to visualize an abstract story of a tree that is speaking to a human in form of a Piano.
MoonPark 21'
Shot on HVX200
Snowboarding by Marco Hornauer, Kevin Ignacia, Gabriel Widmann; Camera, Edit, Motion Design & Analog Photography by Lukas Hauser; Additional Footage by Jacco Bos; Music by Paradox Obscur - Not Of This World
Peter Kaiser x TREK
Shot on Black Magic Pocket 4k, with Lensturbo and Canon FD's
Filmed by Elena Zeppelzauer & Lukas Hauser, Edited by Peter Kaiser, Developing by Lauserslab
Audi Nines Bike 2020
Shot on Red Gemini with Contax Zeiss MMJ Cinemod
shot on Sony a7s2 with Canon FD 50mm 1.8
Y - Directed by Kristina Lipatov
Shot on Red Dragon 6k with Leica Summilux and Sony A7s2 with Canon FDs
Directed by Kristina Lipatov, First DP Jan Stollberg, Second DP Lukas Hauser, Color Lutz Forster